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Effective Content for Businesses in the Insurance Restoration Industry


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Your insurance restoration business website needs traffic and conversions.

Nine in ten Americans are online nowadays.

And more than half of your customers conduct a thorough online search before spending money on construction services.

In other words, you should start creating content online to improve your traffic and sales.

Website traffic growth with content writing

Are you struggling with social media content?

What better way to engage with your audience than through social media?

However, creating effective social media content is time-consuming, creatively grueling, and requires a new approach.

Let me help you with audience-specific and engaging content ideas.

Is publishing consistent and high-quality blog content too much work?

Maintaining a blog for your insurance restoration business is a heck of a lot of work.

It’s a lot easier to hire a diligent and experienced content writer!

Who is Ante Cortoloman?

Ante Cortoloman profile picture

My name is Ante and I am a content and copywriter focusing on bringing your business stories to life.

I use optimized content writing to engage your audience and increase website traffic and conversions.

Are you still not convinced?

Here, read what my clients had to say about my work!

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Client Testimonials

Simona Rusnakova

SEO Consultant at 3R SEO Consultants Dublin

Ante did amazing work for 3R, our clients are very happy with the articles he wrote. Able to write on any topic, extremely flexible, communicative, and with a great attitude and interest in clients’ business.

Azhar Mirza

CEO & Owner at Somastream Interactive

We were very fortunate to have found Ante. The quality of work Ante produces is both engaging and informative. Ante took the time to learn about our business practices and has produced quality content that serves to further educate our audience. All these efforts facilitate the promotion of our brand online in a positive manner and increase sales. A wise investment on our part.

My Most Recent Content Writing Projects

Cropped part of the landing page, showcasing my copywriting project

Landing page for the United Advocates Gathering

Commercial Claims Advocate’s owner, Vince Perri is organizing a crucial event in the insurance claims industry.

My part in that story was to write the content for the landing page.

Check it out, you might think you need one too!


Latest Post for the Commercial Claims Advocate’s Blog

Apart from writing their latest landing page, my weekly duties include writing blog content for their audience of public adjusters.

The project is as fun as it seems!

Reach Your Audience on All Major Platforms!

You can have optimized content for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your business blog.