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Online Marketing Services for Roofers

Reach Your Audience With Optimized Content Writing

Here’s what you can expect from my content writing services.

Create a trusting relationship with your audience

Appear on the first page of Google search results

Increase traffic and leads

Position yourself as an industry leader on social media

My Content Creation Pricing

When you decide to hire me and push your content creation to the next level, you receive a weekly content output:

  • One blog post
  • Five LinkedIn / Facebook posts
  • Ten Twitter posts
  • And ten Instagram posts created from the Twitter posts

My content workflow includes posting these on your profiles during the times when your audience is most online.

So, the price is $247 for one week of content creation and posting.

You can also hire me to manage your profiles to create engagement, answer comments, etc. However, we will discuss the pricing for that separately.

Reach Your Audience on All Major Platforms!

You can have optimized content for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your business blog.

Does the Price Seem Low? Why is That?

Your content quality is at the heart of my business.

However, we are living in a new age and there is no need to write everything by hand anymore.

I use artificial intelligence software to help me create content and boost my output.

That way, you can be active on all platforms for a smaller price.

Do not think that software reduces quality.

It is my job to create ideas and present them to your audience in a way unique to your business.

I simply speed up the process by using the available tools!

Don’t believe me? Check my content writing portfolio and see for yourself